Laymen Training

Laymen training
Bible Learning Center students

At the heart of this organization is the Bible Learning Center whose goal is to train and equip Adventist lay members, both literate and illiterate, through seminars and Biblical storytelling, to experience revival and reformation and then to spread the gospel to areas that do not yet understand the Three Angels’ Messages.

Although the Seventh-day Adventist church has been present in Chad since 1967, the membership on the books is only 2500 with 13 pastors in a country with a population nearing 12,000,000. That’s only one member for every 4800 people in the country! Many people are left without a pastor or without anybody to nurture and help them. Most of the population is illiterate and rely on what they are told, rather than what the Bible teaches, to know what is truth. The people need to know Jesus, to know what He has done and is doing for them, and to learn to trust Him.

With the help and support of the church leadership, we conduct seminars ranging in length from one weekend to two months that are specially designed for the lay members. With so few pastors in the country, it is imperative that the lay members receive encouragement and training to be busy with the Gospel Commission of Matthew 28:18-20. If the work is to go forward, the lay members, not just the pastors, must be motivated to become active.

We have made some of our curriculum material available through a link here.