Many Thanksgivings

Dear friends and family,

This Thanksgiving season, we would like to share a number of things that we are thankful for as we look back on 2020. The list is definitely not exhaustive, but it's a start at least!

  • God's protection. Surrounded by a host of dangers, seen and unseen, we have been protected by the Lord.

  • God's provision. God has provided wonderfully for our needs. He is faithful.

  • A container full of Spirit of Prophecy and other books are currently being printed in Poland. This will be an incredible blessing to many countries when it arrives early next year.

  • Our repaired Land Cruiser. After a series of disappointing and expensive experiences with dishonest mechanics, it appears that our vehicle is working well now.

  • Evangelistic series. There are three evangelistic series in progress currently, ending this Sabbath, the 28th.

  • Good health. We are thankful for this amazing gift that God gives us. We are also thankful for His healing when we occasionally experience Malaria.

  • Family. This November, Melody and Jonathan celebrated ten years of marriage! That's also ten years of ministry together in Africa. And God has blessed us with three children.

  • Ground-breaking on new print shop. Progress has been slow, but the third and final shipping container should be delivered tomorrow. Then we can start working on assembling and erecting the steel structure.

  • Gabriel's media production and French literature editing. Gabriel has been working on producing audio and video material for our evangelistic work. Watch for more updates on this soon!

  • A digital library installed at the hospital. People or patients at the hospital with smart phones (yes, some people here have those even if they still live in a mud hut) can download a variety of gospel literature and audio via a local free WIFI connection. (For those of you who care, it runs on a Raspberry Pi 4 on software that Jonathan wrote. More on this project in a future newsletter.)

  • Multiple new books in various languages published.

  • An Internet connection. After the Internet connection was cut, we are happy to have a fairly reliable 3G connection now.

  • We have enough guava and mango sauce on the shelf to last us until next mango season.

  • Our RISO digital duplicator (printer). Printing tracts is now much faster and cheaper, thanks to this machine that we got earlier this year. We bought this smaller one used to see how it functions in Africa. The technology works quite well, so we are planning on purchasing a newer, bigger version soon.

  • The help of Promise. This young man from Cameroon is here to help us, potentially for a year or two. God has blessed him with many talents and he is already being a big help to me in the print shop.

  • We are thankful for all of our prayer warriors. God hears your prayers and loves to answer them. So please, keep praying!

  • We are thankful for all of our donors who make all of this work possible.

  • We are thankful most of all to God who loves us and provides for His work here in Chad.

In His service,
Jonathan, Melody, Gideon, Liliana, and Eliora Dietrich