Short Update and New Video Channel

Dear friends and family,

This is a very short update. We praise the Lord that we are all currently in relatively good health. Translation, editing, layout and design are continuing. Groundbreaking on our new print shop began today. This year we have experienced some substantial rains, and the main road "out" is in terrible condition, part of it under about three feet of water.

Our Land Cruiser has been an incredible blessing that has transformed our ministry since 2014. Recently, we have been hit with thousands of dollars of maintenance. Some of this is normal, such as new tires, clutch plate, brakes, etc. Some of it is abnormal. We recently had the transmission rebuilt, and it soon thereafter failed. Earlier this year, we bought a new, original, Toyota transmission and had it installed. It appears as though the installers may have made an error, as we are already having problems, only about six months later. We plan to try yet another mechanic shop to attempt repairs, this time in Ndjamena. This has been very costly for us. Please pray that we will find the right mechanic who will help us to identify the problem so that we can again have reliable wheels. We invite you to consider helping us financially for some of the repairs. The rest of the vehicle is still in good condition, so we plan to fix the transmission problem and use it for many more years, Lord-willing!

Recently, Desert Tree Ministry bought some simple video equipment in collaboration with Gabriel and Sarah up at the Bere Adventist Hospital. Not only has Gabriel been a big help to us in starting a media ministry, he has been helping our ministry in a big way by editing some of our printed materials. We praise God for His help.

We are happy to announce the recent launch of Desert Tree's new Youtube channel. (Thank you, Gabriel!) We will not try to compete with the entertainment channels, but we hope to regularly release a video related to mission work in some way. Our first videos will be a book review of the book I wrote a number of years back, /Why I Am a Missionary, Why You Should Be a Missionary./ Here's the link to the first chapter. Please subscribe to our channel if you would like to be informed when we post our next video. Enjoy!

In His service,
Jonathan, Melody, Gideon, Liliana, and Eliora Dietrich