More Hustle and Bustle

Dear friends and family

It's time for another update. We have been overloaded with responsibilities and activities. We would like to ask for your prayers for our work in Chad. There is much to do and we need help. We are still working hard on developing tracts, translations, layout and design, printing, and binding. So much more could be done, such as conducting more training seminars throughout the country, starting a gospel radio station, writing culture-sensitive tracts, integrating evangelism with the work of the Bere Adventist Hospital, and working in other ways to strengthen the work of the church in this country. Please pray and ask the Lord if He would like for YOU to go to Chad to help spread the gospel here. Listen carefully for His answer. If you feel called to come to Chad, please email me ( and let's communicate.

We have recently visited several villages where new work is starting. The village of Makabou, about 40 km from here, has requested a church, and two small groups are meeting there each week now. This will be a "church plant" branched off of the Adventist group at Bitikim, which hasn't yet organized officially as a church. Another family in the village of Darengue, about 10 km from here, has asked to study and learn more from the Bible. Please pray for wisdom as I oversee the 3 churches and 12+ groups in our district.

The village of Bitikim has been building their new church structure on the land that the village donated. We are helping finance a lot of the materials, but the members are putting forth a lot of effort as well. Thanks to donations through Africa Frontline Missions (Keith Mosier) and the organization of Charles, the basic shells of two other church buildings have been completed: one here in Bere and the other near Mesere, about 60 km from here. (See pictures).

During the COVID-19 event, churches have been shut down and travel has been greatly restricted. Our members have formed small groups to continue worshiping and studying together in a limited way. In our district, we have over 30 small groups meeting each week. Our Union (five countries Central African Republic, Chad, Congo, Equatorial Guinea, and Gabon) administration has begun having meetings on Zoom, which enables many of the workers to meet and discuss topics Online. A new 3G antenna installed in town along with a booster we installed in the tree enables us to have fairly good Internet now, including video conferences like Zoom.

Please pray for brother Charles as he is in Cameroon now to distribute the container of literature from Lightbearers that arrived back in January, but has been blocked for various reasons. The literature includes Daniel and Revelation studies, Desire of Ages, Steps to Christ, To All the World, and Bibles, all in the French language. This week or next, the materials should be shipped to their respective countries.

Translation work continues. Some recent achievements include Reponses de Dieu into Bavwua and a first draft of Steps to Christ into Bavwua. We are working hard on layout and design on various other books. My Bible First! kindergarten Bible lessons are over half translated into French. We were also honored to be asked by an SIL Bible translation team to print the first copies of the newly translated Gospel of Mark in the Soumraye language.

Let us keep each other in prayer during these interesting times in Earth's history. Rather than feel a slowdown, we feel extra busy and the work seems more urgent than ever before. Jesus is coming again soon. Time here will someday close. Our pilgrimage on this earth will be finished and we will go home to be with Jesus. What a joy it will be to see people in heaven because of our efforts here! May God give us courage to be faithful till He comes!

In His service,
Jonathan, Melody, Gideon, Liliana, and Eliora Dietrich

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