A Scattering of Events

Dear friends and family,

Life has been busy. Here is a scattering of some missionary life events that have been keeping us busy.

One of our workers, Thierry, was bitten by a deadly snake on April 5. He was given anti-venom and spent a little time in the hospital. We believe God saved his life. Thierry has been studying the Bible with his wife and praying that she will accept the truths in Scripture. On April 27, Thierry's wife was baptized and Thierry was ordained as a deacon. He has also been voted by the district committee to be the district evangelism director. It is exciting to see God working and leading in Thierry's life.

April 27 was an all-day event at church: baptism, church service, consecration service for an elder and some deacons, and communion in the afternoon. A Bororo lady who has been studying with Djedje was also baptized that Sabbath!

There was an issue with tax we needed to pay on the Land Cruiser which took some time to sort out.

It is brown and hot here - up to 112 some days. The rainy season is just beginning, bringing relief of cooler temperatures up to only 107.

I continue to preach somewhere almost every Sabbath.

Keith Mosier (his wife and my wife are sisters) came to DTM for a couple weeks to help and to begin preparations for a place for his family to live.

I repaired the chain on Gideon's bicycle so he can ride it again.

Lightbearers Ministry is preparing a container of literature which should be arriving after the rainy season. This container will have Bible study materials along with Bibles and concordances.

Donations have been coming in for a church at Lai. In our last newsletter we mentioned the need, and somebody sent in $5,000 already! That is enough to finish the basic structure (foundation, walls, roof, tin). So many churches in Chad need simple things like a roof, yet the cost is far more than they can afford. (Think - most earn $1-2 a day.) Thank you to the donors who respond promptly to the needs. We will post pictures as the construction begins again soon.

This time of year the scorpions come out. One evening I killed about six in two minutes. I have a small UV light which helps locate the scorpions.

Last week DTM printed the very first printed copy of the complete New Testament in the Bavuwa language!!! This is one of the languages spoken in this part of Chad. The translators just finished the NT and are looking for a publisher. We are researching how to attach hard covers and are hoping to print these soon.

An elephant shrew is chewing on the wires in the print shop. The latest thing is the wires in the color printer. (see picture) We cannot find where/how these shrews are getting into the shop. We have put out poison and traps. We have tried cementing any holes we have found. We caught one in the trap this week.

Our water tower cracked last week which meant we had no running water during that time. (see picture) The water tower was repaired Monday!

And during the time of no running water, we canned about 3 dozen jars of mango sauce. And since the repair, we have canned dozens more. These will be wonderful during the times when fruit is sparse. (see picture)

We have some exciting news! The littlest member of our family is about 4 inches long now! Yes, we are expecting a baby and are due in late October.

If the Lord impresses you to help support the work of DTM, please prayerfully consider giving a regular amount every month or giving a larger sum to help with a special project such as a container of literature or building a church. Checks or money orders may be made payable to 'Outpost Centers International.' Please put 'for Desert Tree Ministry' on the memo line. Mail your donation to Outpost Centers International, 5132 Layton Lane, Apison, TN 37302.

Or you can donate Online, either from the DTM or the OCI websites.

DTM website: deserttreeministry.org

OCI website: outpostcenters.org

In His service,
Jonathan, Melody, Gideon and Liliana Dietrich

printer wires water tower crack mango sauce