How to Donate

"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." Matthew 6:21

Desert Tree Ministry operates on donations. 97% of each donation is applied to the needs of the project. The remaining 3% goes to our parent organization, Outpost Centers International, to help with their worldwide work.

There are always ongoing needs such as food, clothing, motorcycle fuel, phone credit, and other operating expenses. Please prayerfully consider committing to giving a regular amount every month to help cover these expenses. There are also larger special projects. If you would like to help with these, please see below for the status of these items. If we received more than enough for a certain project, we will re-assign those finances to the next biggest need.

Write a check?

If you would like to help with a donation by check or money order, make it payable to: Outpost Centers International. Be sure to indicate that your gift is for Desert Tree Ministry.

Send it to the following address:
Outpost Centers International
5132 Layton Lane
Apison, TN 37302

Give Online?

You may donate online to our ministry through Outpost Centers International by clicking here or on the donation image below. Thank you!


Amount Project
$2 Print one copy of My Bible First children's Bible lesson quarterly. Often we give these to pediatric patients at the hospital.
$3 Print a pack of 100 gospel tracts.
$2-3 Print a small book.
$16 Buy one ream of A3 paper.
$35 Buy one liter of ink.
$80 Buy one box of A3 paper.
Chad Project
Amount Project
$6,000 Irrigation system for agriculture.
$5,000 Staff housing. We are currently building a larger staff house and supplies went above budget due to rainy season.
Other Ideas
Amount Project
$20-$40 Help somebody with their hospital bill. (Most workers earn $2-$5 per day.)
$40 Solar-powered mp3 player with audio Scriptures.
$150 Cover a surgery at the Adventist hospital.
$6 Provide a small sack of grains, peanuts, and a bar of soap to a hungry person or family.
$150 A bicycle for a pastor or Bible worker.
$2000 A motorcycle for a pastor or Bible worker.