"Why Am I a Missionary? Why Should You Be a Missionary?"

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The cover of Jonathan's book.

Author: Jonathan Dietrich
ISBN-13: 978-0988827806
paperback, 254 pages

Have you ever wondered why some people decide to become missionaries? What motivates them to leave behind a promising career to work in relative obscurity? Why do some choose to move to a foreign country where danger and risk are high compared to their home country? Why do some people feel compelled to minister to prison inhabitants or street dwellers? Unfortunately, many of us today are disconnected from the concept of missions and believe that missionaries are people who lived in far away lands long ago.

But what if Scripture teaches that all Christians are called to be missionaries? Would you be troubled at this thought? Could you be ignoring your important, God-given assignment?

Get ready for a thought-provoking journey that will challenge you and lead you closer to Jesus. Keep your Bible at hand as you learn what Inspiration teaches about sacrifice, and how God will provide for your needs as you answer His call. Understand how to deal with fear, risk, safety, and suffering in the context of God's work. You will find a chapter full of common questions and answers about missionary work. Fragments of personal testimony from the author are sprinkled throughout the pages. Open your heart to God and allow the Holy Spirit to teach and counsel you.

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