Team Members

Desert Tree Ministry is fundamentally a volunteer ministry. We are thankful for each person whom God has sent to work together as a team to accomplish the mission that God has given us.



Beni spends much of his time with the patients at the hospital and running the library there. He is involved in a variety of other ministry activities.

Since 2021

Dietrich Family

Director General

The Dietrichs are the founders of Desert Tree Ministry in 2013. Jonathan and Melody met each other in Chad in 2009 and got married soon thereafter. They have three children.

Since 2013

Rick and Shawn Dietrich

Public Relations, Shipping Logistics

Rick and Shawn contribute their talents from America. Rick is our professional packer for air-freight pallets of supplies, and more recently a 20-ft container. Shawn maintains contact with donors and helps spread awareness of our ministry.

Since 2013


Translation, Finance

Perone manages translation of materials into various languages and helps manage the sale of books. She is also our accountant.

Since 2021


Literature Evangelism

Thierry is developing our literature evangelist training program. He is also growing in skills as production manager.

Since 2018


Satellite Printshop, Cameroon

After serving about two years here in Chad, Promise has returned to his home country to start a small print shop for his people.

Since 2019

In addition to the above core staff members, we also want to acknowledge those who are a part of our team by providing assistance in various ways.