Index of Pictures

  Jonathan and Melody's hut in Bere, Chad the common sink at the 'hotel' in Moundou, ie for washing dishes 'shower' and toilet facilities at the 'hotel' in Moundou  

  men fishing on a river in Chad Notice their boat! Jonathan teaching at a branch SS in Casside, Chad  

  Jonathan teaching about the sanctuary in Casside, Chad God protected Joshua from this sand viper. Jonathan and Gary in the mission plane  

  Joshua's work crew beginning a One Day Church in Gouno Gaya district, near Kelo, Chad mixing cement for a One Day Church Joshua with his first One Day Church  

  building a One Day Church in Djeroborabaye, Chad Matthew helping to build a One Day Church pounding grain  

  a brick 'factory' two men pushing a cart women bringing water to make cement used in One Day Church  

  Joshua's third One Day Church in Kirdegee, Chad Joshua with the elephant Charlie, pet monkey  

  monkey (Charlie) and duiker (Stella) Joshua and pet monkey SS and church at Casside, Chad  

  Nadage (the main teacher) and the Bere Bible School graduates Bible School graduates holding their copies of French Steps to Christ