Index of Pictures

  a hungry horse in Chad Monkey enjoying a treat Jonathan and Melody by their papaya plant  

  much flooding near Bere, Chad, in rainy season 2012 mud brick houses just 'melt' in the floods Sabbath School under a shelter in Democratic Republic of Congo near Congo Frontline Missions (CFM)  

  Jonathan teaching a class at CFM's Lay Evangelism Training School Jonathan and Melody in the jungle near CFM a choir in a One Day Church near CFM  

  Jonathan and Melody at CFM Jonathan and Melody at CFM Joshua Dietrich with a duiker  

  Jonathan is teaching a class in Kelo, Chad, in French.  The translator is translating from French into the local language. Melody teaching a health class in Kelo, Chad interested seekers for truth in Kelo, Chad  

  Jonathan and Melody making breakfast in Kelo, Chad Joshua Dietrich teaching a class in Moundou, Chad Jonathan teaching in Moundou, Chad  

  Melody teaching about the sanctuary in Moundou, Chad Joshua Dietrich teaching in Moundou, Chad Jonathan preaching on Sabbath in Moundou, Chad  

  Jonathan, Melody, & Joshua with their class at Moundou, Chad