Index of Pictures

  We find quite a few snakes in the area. A series of evangelistic meetings in the village of Delbiane just finished, and here we are with the baptismal candidates and others traveling to a suitable spot along the river for the baptism. Two of the candidates about to be baptized.  

  The walls on the hut are growing taller. Actually, we are building two huts close together. They will be connected to form one larger structure. Curious local children.  

  Plowing the fields with a pair of oxen. One Sabbath afternoon we visited a nearby river. That's me standing on the bank. Along the way we saw this family compound. Notice how green it is since the rainy season recently started. The small building near the center, the one with a round cap on it, is the family's granary.  

  I was invited to a local wedding. The man getting married is a helper for the local evangelical mission. This lady is writing the first part of Psalm 23 in the local Ngambay language.  

  This is our garden area. We are experimenting with a variety of techniques, hoping to find a way to improve the quality and variety of the diet of the people here. This bird was sitting on the runway at night. I was able to get quite close to it before it flew away. These children don't have Play-Doh, but they are using mud to make various creations.  

  Here is a yoke of oxen one of them made. This man is planting sweet potatoes in hills of dirt he has made. These workers are learning to use string to make things square and level.  

  Here is a typical family compound I saw on a recent trip to the capital city. Notice the round granary near the center of the picture. To the right is a woman pounding grain, with several children behind her watching. Wood for firewood is leaning up against the building on the right. Okra and peanuts growing in our garden. Sorghum is a staple food in this area.