Index of Pictures

  This is the morning after I arrived in Chad. We're in N'Djamena, the capital city, loading luggage into our small Cessna 172 for the flight to Bere. On the way to Bere, we could see many small villages from the air. Notice that most of the buildings are thatch-roofed, and only a few have shiny metal roofing. As we approached Bere, the land became a little greener. It's farther away from the Sahara Desert and thus gets a little more rain than areas farther north.  

  Touchdown in Bere! The next day I went with Gary and his family to a branch Sabbath school they have started in the village of Dabgue a few miles south of here. Gary's children (Cherise and Kaleb) are surrounded by a number of local children. The local children really like these felts. They have never touched anything so soft before.  

  Even though it's still the dry season, there are beautiful flowers blooming. Building materials--sand, gravel, and mud bricks.  

  That's Jeremy in the foreground. In the back, two local workers are hauling materials in an oxcart. Outdoor toilet with a privacy screen. Sabbath school.  

  Looking back towards the village from a nearby field. Here I am working on a metal piece for the hut we're building.  

  Now the framework has been welded together and we're setting it up in the right place. Today Gary and I met with some goverment officials in a nearby town. (I'm the one on the left.) This is where the hangar for the airplane will be built.  

  This is a well that has been dug some distance into the ground. Gary and I are working on the framework of the house with a couple of local workers. (I'm on the one on the left.) This thunderstorm cloud is a wonderful sight. It means that the rainy season is nearly here.  

  What do you think this is?  

  It was a hedgehog or something similar. Now the walls are beginning to be built. Gary is the one on the far right.