Index of Pictures

  Jonathan is watching Melody tell a Bible Story. Frederick is translating. This Sabbath School is meeting under a mango tree in Dabgue, several miles from Bere. This picture was taken a few days before Hawk was killed. Read the newsletter for June 23, 2009 to learn the story of Hawk.  

  airstrip in Bere during the dry season three local Chadian boys herding cattle These two kids cut the grass down around Jonathan's hut to help keep the snakes away.  

  This is the Hopital Adventiste in Bere, 2-3 miles from the GMI project. a termite mound Jonathan and Frederick (his translator) on the motorbike  

  Women carry very heavy loads. Jonathan and Melody met in Chad when Melody and her father came to work at the Hopital Adventiste in Bere in the fall of 2009. Melody with a little friend  

  A typical well in Bere. Notice there is no kind of protection to keep children (or others) from falling in. Several people do fall into wells every year and drown. helping pump water for the garden