April Activities

2018 May 10

Dear friends and family,

We have been focusing more on training the church members recently. I conducted a seminar each evening for a week on the topic of baptism. We are planning on presenting on Biblical music another week soon.

Praise God with us for another small order of paper ($3,000) that just arrived, along with a new Perkins diesel generator! We hope that this will give us hassle-free, reliable power for the printing operation. We tried to get an order of Bibles, but they were confiscated by the authorities. Please pray that God will work it out so that we can get the Bibles soon at a reasonable price.

We have placed another order for mp3 players and they should be arriving within a month or two. For those of you who have donated to this project, we want to thank you for making this possible. For those who cannot read (approximately 2/3 of the population), the mp3 player with Scriptures is truly a blessing!

Please pray for a visitor from another country who came for a few days to Bere. While visiting with our friend, he discovered what the Bible says about the seventh-day Sabbath. Although a pastor, he was unable to support Sunday sacredness with any Bible text. He will now be studying this topic more deeply in the Bible to verify his findings.

We plan to return to the States for furlough this year. Here is a tentative travel schedule (more details to follow as we confirm plans). We look forward to visiting with you.
July 21 Greeneville, TN
August 4 ASI Convention, Orlando, FL
August 11 Kingsbury SDA Church, NY
August 18 Lowell, MI
August 25 Dodge Center, MN
Later maybe NM and TN.
Returning to Chad beginning of November.

In the last newsletter we mentioned that we had a new pet named "Peanut," a little lamb. Since then we have added another pet named "Prissy" who is a duiker. We enjoy bottle-feeding both of them. A duiker is a small antelope found in Sub-Saharan Africa which eats seeds, fruit, bark, shoots, buds, leaves, insects, frogs, small birds and mammals. They live alone or in pairs in the forest/brush most of the time and grow to be about 20" tall weighing 26-55 pounds. (info from Wikipedia)

Canning 127 quarts of mangoes was a big job. They have to be peeled by hand and then the fruit is cut off each pit. We also dried some mangoes. We hired some Chadians to help us! We use mango sauce the way one would use applesauce. It is a very tasty treat when fresh fruit is not available. Now, toward the end of the season, we bought a whole sack (100+ lbs) of mangoes for $2.

Thank you for your continual prayers and support. If any of you would like to contribute toward our furlough tickets and other expenses, please mark "furlough expense" on a separate slip of paper and write the check
Payable to: Outpost Centers International
For: OCI’s work at DTM
and send it to the following address:

Outpost Centers International
5132 Layton Lane
Apison, TN 37302

Or donate online at www.outpostcenters.org/donate

In His service,
Jonathan, Melody, Gideon and Liliana Dietrich

generator Melody with lamb and duiker