Literature and Evangelism

2016 November 15

Dear friends and family,

It's time for another short update. A couple of months ago, the long-awaited container full of literature arrived at the port in Douala. Normally, a container takes a number of weeks or sometimes even months to clear. Praise God, our container was cleared in a matter of days from arrival. The people at the port commented that it was amazingly fast. We attribute this to God's blessing.

I (Jonathan) traveled to Douala shortly thereafter and met the Cameroon mission president and our Union publishing director. Together we worked on dividing up the container of literature into four individual shipments for four countries, and arranging transport. The daily rains in Douala hindered the box sorting. From Sunday to Friday, we got all 940 boxes sorted in order and then redistributed into four big piles: one for Central African Republic, one for Chad, one for Gabon, and the other for Congo Brazzaville. (see first picture)

We are thankful for Lightbearers for their generous donation of the majority of this material and for paying shipping to Douala! They sent us probably over a million pieces of literature including Discover Bible study guides, a study series on Daniel, and a study series on Revelation.

Once the boxes for Chad arrived in Kelo, I had to go to Kelo to arrange transport over the last stretch of road. The road is more potholes than road, but the truck eventually made it and we were able to tuck the boxes away safely in Bere. (see second picture) The next big task was to sort the lessons. Each lesson came in it's own box, so to get a complete set of lessons, we had to organize a team to start collating them into sets. (see third picture) We are thankful for the help of my brother-in-law Nathan and his wife Starla who are here on a visit away from their work in Congo.

Please also pray for the district evangelist meetings happening in Delbian (about 15km or 40-minute drive south of here). We are in the second and final week of the series. Our goal is to find people interested in forming a mid-week Bible study group. (see fourth picture)

Please also pray for our printing equipment that was recently shipped to Chad. We eagerly await its arrival so that we can expand our publication work here.

In His service,
Jonathan, Melody, Gideon and Liliana Dietrich

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