In the Last 30 Days...

2016 October 24

Dear friends and family,

It is time for another update from Chad! A lot has been happening, and we are eager to share with you, but we will divide up the news into several emails.

Even though we certainly make plans for the future and work toward achieving goals, life sometimes gets so busy that it seems like a jumble sometimes. Perhaps you will find this email interesting, even if it is a jumble of numbers. Here are some numbers explaining some of what has been happening during the past 30 days.

22 (twenty-two): the number of scorpions my brother-in-law killed last night during a 45-minute hunt using an ultra-violet flashlight.

65 (sixty-five): the number of quarts of guava sauce canned. 38 of those were done in one day by my wife and her helpers while I was gone to Douala. Canning fruit during fruit season means that we will be able to enjoy fruit during times when there is no fruit available.

2 (two): the number of boils Melody has endured.

1 (one): the number of snakes discovered by our front door.

0 (zero): amount of rainfall at our home.

?? (innumerable): the number of maggots and bugs in the last rice sack I bought. I assumed, incorrectly, that a sack of rice bought this time of year would be the newly harvested rice. But this clever fellow sold me a sack of rice leftover from last year. Hmmppphh.

17 (seventeen): number of days Nathan and Starla (my brother-in-law and his family) spent en route from DRC to Chad because of paperwork issues.

42,000 (forty-two thousand pounds): the approximate weight of literature that arrived arrived at the port Douala, Cameroon. This literature is destined for use in the Central African Union Adventist Mission which includes Chad.

940 (nine hundred forty): the number of boxes of literature in the container.

4 (four): the number of countries receiving the literature. Chad, Central African Republic, Gabon, and Congo Brazzaville.

1 (one): the number of transport trucks that will need a military convoy for protection through an insecure region as the literature makes its way to Central African Republic.

12 (twelve): the minimum number of times each box of literature is picked up by hand and moved between printing at Lightbearers and delivery to the final destination.

1,400,000+ (more than one million, four hundred thousand): number of pieces of literature that need to be distributed.

$42,000 (about forty-two thousand dollars): amount spent on the contents and ground shipping of the Lightbearers container in addition to their generous donation. Thank you, all of our faithful supporters, for enabling us to move forward with this project. God has blessed you and us more than we could have imagined.

12 (twelve): the number of days Jonathan spent away from his family and home while organizing the arrival and distribution of the literature.

8 (eight): the number of types of fruit Jonathan was able to eat (banana, plantain, grapefruit, orange, prune, pineapple, papaya, apple). Fruit was plentiful and relatively inexpensive in Cameroon. Plantain, boiled or fried, was the staple food at nearly every meal.

4 (four): number of different churches visited.

3 (three): number of Sabbaths Jonathan preached a sermon.

2 (two): number of kittens added to the family while Jonathan was away (much to Gideon and Liliana's delight)

?? (innumerable): God's blessings that He showers on us abundantly.

Stay tuned for another update!

In His service,
Jonathan, Melody, Gideon and Liliana Dietrich