Reflections on 2015

2015 December 29

Dear friends and family,

While in the last few days of this year, we thought it would be nice to remember a few of the things that God has done through our ministry this year. We will also share our plans for the near future.

Early this year, we graduated 21 students from our two-month evangelism school. Some of these students have applied and practiced what they learned and their reports are encouraging. Dozens of people have been baptized in the areas where the Bible workers are! We praise God for these, but do not put our confidence in numbers. Please pray that the church members will continue to nurture and encourage the new members so that they become firmly rooted in the truth.

For a long time we have had a dream of bringing literature into the country. Earlier this year our first order of about 12,000 books arrived! We were so excited. Within about a month, we had distributed about a third of those books. Now, the report is that those books are nearly finished. Imagine with me the immense harvest of souls that will result from the distribution of this literature!

Our second child was born, healthy and happy! We are so thankful for Liliana Bell.

More recently, the 20,000 Great Controversy books finally arrived in Chad! We expected difficulty with this order, as this book is filled with important truth for the times we live in. Here is a report I just received from the pastor who traveled to Cameroon to bring the books into Chad:
"I've brought books at Béré with serious disturbings on the road, but thanks be to God Almighty. Instead of spending 2 to 3 nights, I've spent 14 days before bringing books home."
When we get back to Chad, we will find out some of the rest of the story.

Desert Tree Ministry exhibited at the General Conference in San Antonio, Texas for ten days. We also exhibited at the ASI conference in Spokane, Washington. God arranged many exciting contacts for us as a result of networking at these conventions.

Light Bearers Ministry will be shipping a container of literature to the Central African Union Mission headquarters next year! This literature will be for the five countries within our union (including Chad). We are very thankful for this gift!

We plan to work with a press in South Korea to print another container of literature for our union. This will include Steps to Christ and The Great Controversy. It will also include about 5 thousand small libraries of 10 books each to be given to pastors, lay Bible workers, and church libraries. We are trying to raise $80,000 for this project, and are getting close! Thank you to all of you who have contributed sacrificially toward this project. Check our website to follow the progress of this goal.

Another organization has donated 5,000 French Desire of Ages.

We also have been given some space on a 20-foot shipping container for literature, which means free shipping to Africa! Our most immediate financial need right now is the funds to cover the cost of printing or purchasing this literature soon, as the container will be shipped in the first half of next year. We need approximately $30,000 for the following:
40,000 French GLOW tracts
2,000 sets of children's Bible curriculum
200 French Bible concordances
and other items such as full-color Bible picture books and picture rolls

We are amazed to see what God has already done and how He has used us to bring so much literature into the country. We are confident that He will complete what He has begun. If you feel that the Lord is calling you to contribute financially toward these special literature projects, please write a check or money order to:

Outpost Centers International
and in the memo line: for OCI's work at DTM

and send it to the following address:

Outpost Centers International
5132 Layton Lane
Apison, TN 37302

Or, you may donate online through Outpost Centers International. Remember to mark your donation online "OCI's work at Desert Tree Ministry" Thank you!

As we await our visas, we are furiously packing and making last-minute orders in preparation for our departure. We expect to be in Chad by the middle of January. Lord-willing, our next update will be from our post in Bere, Chad!

Here is a list of specific prayer items if you are praying for us:

Happy Christmas and New Year to you all!

In His service,
Jonathan, Melody, Gideon and Liliana Dietrich