Literature Update and Plea

2015 February 26

Dear friends and family,

Greetings again from dusty Chad! We would like to briefly update you on the status of our literature project.

For many months our team (both here in Africa and in America) has been working on organizing a 20-foot shipping container of French literature to bring into Chad. Our goal is to flood this country with truth-filled tracts and books. We did not expect to face so many complicated challenges regarding prices and printing rights, but God has been opening doors here and there and we are close to making some orders.

Based on the initial estimates, we set our fund raising goal to $70,000 for the project. God has provided wonderfully and recently we have nearly achieved this goal! Thank you to all of the donors who contributed to this project. God's provision has encouraged us to move forward. However, we were not able to find books anywhere near the prices of the initial estimates, so we are asking God to supply us with more funds!

While waiting for more funds to come in, we have decided to place some smaller orders to give us some books to work with for now.

For example, we just completed the funds transfer for a $15,000 order of 12,000 books from the Adventist press in Cameroon. This includes about 12,000 small books including Steps to Christ, Christian Service, Education, and a Bible question and answers book. The books should be printed in a week and arrive within two or three weeks! We are excited about having this material to work with right away while we arrange the other shipments from America.

And soon, we hope to place the following tentative orders:

* $1,200 An order of Arabic Steps to Christ and health tracts from Middle East North African Union.

* $85,000 An order from America. This includes about 30,000 Great Controversy; 20,000 Steps to Christ; 3,000 sets of children's Bible studies; some picture flip charts (similar to the old picture rolls). Shipping, import, and other fees is an estimated additional $25,000 or more).

* $20,000 An order from France. This order will focus mainly on lesser quantities (about 300 of each book) to build a small library for each church, pastor, and a number of Bible workers within the Central African Union Mission. If we get more funding, for this project, we will increase the numbers. The books we are proposing to put in the libraries are as follows: Study Bible, Concordance, Patriarchs and Prophets, Prophets and Kings, The Desire of Ages, Thoughts from the Mount of Blessings, Christ's Object Lessons, The Acts of the Apostles, The Great Controversy, Last Day Events, Evangelism. (We estimate perhaps an additional $5,000 shipping to Chad)

The estimated total for our immediate needs comes to about $150,000. We are ready to place the remaining orders, but are lacking some funds. God knows the needs and we are confident that He will complete the remaining finances. Would you consider helping us achieve the remaining $80,000 of our goal for literature?

Here are a few selected passages that have encouraged us to push forward.

"We have been asleep, as it were, regarding the work that may be accomplished by the circulation of well-prepared literature. Let us now, by the wise use of periodicals and books, preach the word with determined energy, that the world may understand the message that Christ gave to John on the isle of Patmos." {ChS 146.7}

"The light of truth is shedding its bright beams upon the world through missionary effort. The press is an instrumentality by which many are reached whom it would be impossible to reach by ministerial effort." {ChS 147.2}

"Publications must be multiplied, and scattered like the leaves of autumn. These silent messengers are enlightening and molding the minds of thousands in every country and in every clime." {CM 5.2}

If you would like to help with a donation by check or money order, you can make it payable to: Outpost Centers International and for: "OCI's work at Desert Tree Ministry" and send it to the following address:

Outpost Centers International
5132 Layton Lane
Apison, TN 37302

Or, you may donate online through Outpost Centers International. Remember to mark your donation online "OCI's work at Desert Tree Ministry"

Thank you for your faithful support of the work here in Chad. Even if you cannot help financially at this time, please pray that God's work will triumph and that we will be able to bring in truth-filled literature soon!

In His service,
Jonathan and Melody and Gideon Dietrich