2015 February 3

Dear friends and family,

Instead of writing a lot more, I thought it would be nice to try to send some pictures. I hope they will send, and I hope you enjoy them.

The students during a class taught by David Macomber, who taught a couple of classes during the training.
students in class

Jonathan giving his last appeal to the students during the graduation ceremony.
Jonathan giving appeal

Here is the little group of villagers and students that participated in our evangelistic campaign in Dabgue.
Dabgue evangelistic campaign

Melody and Gideon and Melody's mom helped a lot in preparing the literature packs to give to the students. Each student received a number of books and all the course material that is translated into French along with Bible studies for children and adults.
preparing literature

District pastor Evariste and Mission President Wangkel giving a prayer of consecration at the end of the graduation ceremony.
prayer at graduation

One of our students with his things packed and ready to go back home, a village about 30km distant. If you have been following the newsletters, this is Ditha Romain. Later, he was baptized and is the first Adventist in his village. His goal is to plant a new church there.
student -- Ditha Romain

Last weekend was campmeeting weekend in Bere, and also included two baptisms totaling about 28 people. Of the eight people pictured here, most of these were students of ours. One of the ladies has been desiring baptism for a long time and made her final decision as a result of the evangelistic campaign. The other lady is one with whom we have been studying for almost a year.

The newly baptized people prayed a special prayer of consecration at the edge of the river.

We praise God that we are allowed to be a part of His great work of saving souls for eternity! About six or eight more people are now studying for baptism in the two villages of Dabgue. Please pray that they will faithfully study and that they will allow God to change their hearts.

In His service,
Jonathan and Melody and Gideon Dietrich