Training Update

2014 November 24

Dear friends and family,

We are already in the midst of the second week of our training! We wanted to share a little update with you and invite you to continue praying for us and the students.

We have about 22 full-time students this year, and they have come from all over South-western Chad. They are staying in the newly constructed church of Dabgue. Since there is not much shade nearby, we have class and eat in the same place that they sleep at night. These people have sacrificed a lot to come here, especially during the time of Christmas and New Years.

Let me tell you about Goumoun Robert. He attended our first 8-day training in Chad, which took place at Kelo early 2013. The Holy Spirit worked on his heart and he began working in a village over 30km from Kelo. Through God's blessing, he is cultivating a group of people who meet every Sabbath in the forest near the village of Dafri. When he heard about our training, he expressed interest and we sent out an official invitation. He appeared on his bicycle, after bicycling over 80km across deep sandy trails and dirt roads. It has been encouraging to us to see his commitment to God and His work. He volunteered to preach last Sabbath here at Dabgue.

Ditha Romain, 56 years old, came from Moussoum, a village about 30km from here. He also bicycled across the sandy trails to participate in our training program.

What a joy to meet some of these students again! Many have already been through our shorter training program. Others are here for the first time. The Holy Spirit is clearly working among our students.

We are currently studying a class on The Word of God and a class on the Sanctuary. We will soon begin a class on The Gospel and a class on The Character of Jesus.

Please pray for us and the students. One student from Lere, probably at least 100 miles from here, is going to have to leave early tomorrow morning. His brother is very sick and he feels like he needs to go be with him. The devil is not happy and is sure to try to disturb other students and us teachers. Nearly every time we have run a training program, Satan has tried to disrupt us. We expect trials. But we know that God is stronger and can easily neutralize Satan's attacks. Please pray urgently during this training for the following points (and whatever else God impresses you to pray for):
* That God will strengthen his cause and neutralize Satan's
* The work of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of the teachers and students
* Protection from illness and physical harm for all
* Faithfulness and courage for the students
* Revival and reformation

Thank you for your words of encouragement and for your prayers.

In His service,
Jonathan and Melody and Gideon Dietrich