Burnt MP3s

2014 July 30

Dear friends and family,

You may remember the story of the cripple lady who rides to church several kilometers on her donkey each week. For two years, she has wished that somebody would study the Bible with her. While she was waiting, I gave her a solar powered audio Bible.

She had attended other churches in the past, but realized that they were not consistent in their teachings. She knew that somehow she must find the truth, but did not know who could help her to find it. But now she had an audio Bible. She listened to it often and was thrilled with the stories and lessons she heard in her own language. She gave several testimonies about how her life was changing as a result of exposure to truth. She told how she used to be a very angry person, but that God was changing her heart to not be so angry now.

Now, nearly each week, I travel to her village with a translator on our moto. We study the Bible together. She cannot read, so her Bible study is limited to church, her audio Bible, and our Bible studies.

Last week, a little embarrassed, she told me her story. "A family member came by and started discussing something with me as I was seated by my charcoal stove. I became angry and spoke hasty words with him. Getting up quickly, I left my little bench and went to my hut. I felt bad about being angry. It wasn't until later that I remembered that my audio player had been on my lap. Returning to my bench to search for my audio player, I discovered only a sticky mass of smoking plastic and metal on the hot coals. Dismayed, I flipped it out of the fire, but it was too late. My audio player was completely ruined."

Now, she paused her story to go into her hut to retrieve the hunk of burnt plastic. "It's my fault. I shouldn't have been angry," she said, as she handed it to me. "Can you fix it?" (see picture of the burnt audio player attached to this email)
Burnt MP3 player
"It is finished. I'm sorry." I replied. "Maybe God is helping you to remember to trust in Him when you get angry. Keep courage. God will help you. In a month or two, when the other players come, maybe I can replace your audio Bible."

Within the next week or so, we are hoping to prepare an order of 100 audio players to use in our future work here in Chad. It is a unique way to reach children, blind people, and illiterate people with the gospel. Each player has 4Gb of memory and a solar panel to charge the battery. The cost is about $30 per player. If you would like to help with a donation toward this project, please mark your donation "Desert Tree Ministry" and send it to the following address:

Outpost Centers International
5132 Layton Lane
Apison, TN 37302

Or, you may donate online through Outpost Centers International the following link: http://www.outpostcenters.org/donate

In His service,
Jonathan and Melody and Gideon Dietrich