Amid Difficulties, Almost Finished!

2014 May 15

Dear newsletter family,

Here is a quick update to let you know that God is blessing and we are doing well. Gideon did have malaria and some other issues. As his health got worse, Melody and I decided to travel back to Bere Friday to be closer to medical help should we need it. We are glad we made that decision. As soon as we got to Bere, we went right to the hospital and got Gideon on IV glucose and quinine. At one point, Gideon was so worn out from fighting malaria and diarrhea that he didn't want to wake up. We called doctor Olan over in the middle of the night and he gave Gideon a bunch of stuff in his IV. But praise God, Gideon is doing much better now.

Early Tuesday morning, I left Melody and Gideon at the room by the hospital and returned to Bongor. When Gideon woke up he looked around and said, "Dada?" He did this Wednesday morning, too. That was sort of cute and sad at the same time. He is happy and crawling around and already getting back to his normal self.

We thank God for His master plan. When David and Sarah were sick, Melody and I were in good health and were able to start the training. Shortly after David and Sarah were healthy and came to Bongor, Gideon became sick. Actually, Melody and I became sick with things other than malaria, too. David and Sarah were able to continue with the training while we went back to Bere. Pastor DieuDonner has been helpful and supportive all along. Satan is trying hard to disrupt this training, but God is working in a stronger way.

We just have two more days in the training remaining. Then I preach the final appeal on Sabbath. Thank you for your continued prayers. There will someday be a rich harvest of souls because of our efforts here.

In His service,
Jonathan and Melody and Gideon Dietrich