Gideon Update

2014 March 10

Dear friends and family,

Gideon was on IV quinine for about 24 hours. When it looked like he was keeping milk down, we took out the IV. He seemed to be doing better. By Sunday morning, we were planning on going home. But we waited just a bit more and then Gideon became more nauseated again (a side affect both of malaria and of the quinine). So as of Sunday evening, he is back on IV, this time in his foot. This morning he was still nauseated but had not vomited yet. Then he kicked off his IV. It was already a miracle that the nurses got the IV in him before on the second try. But today four nurses tried for a total of seven times, including two on his head, but could not get the IV started.

So for now, we gave up on the IV and are hoping Gideon will keep his milk down. He has only vomited a small amount today. As of about midnight tonight, Gideon will have his third day of malaria medication and so theoretically should start to get better.

Gideon was feeling nauseated this afternoon until Melody decided to try putting him in the sink that is in our "hospital motel" room. The cool water and the shiny knob has kept his mind off his troubles for quite a while.

Thank you for your prayers and your notes of encouragement. We can't reply to each one, but we appreciate each one.

Jonathan and Melody and Gideon

Gideon Gideon