Greetings, and Prayer Please

2014 March 7

Dear friends and family,

Happy Sabbath. It's about 100 degrees and night has come. The bats are dinging in the trees. Our bug light is on and a 12V fan is blowing on our sleeping Gideon.

We just got back from the hospital where we got Gideon tested for malaria. We are waiting for results and should get them anytime. He barfed last evening and today he has been a little more fussy than usual. His latest fever is about 101.3.

For his bath, however, he was fairly normal. For the last several days we have a fun routine. I get my face down low next to his. He pauses in suspense and then vigorously splashes in the water. Water splashes everywhere, including on my face. Then I flap my lips and wipe my face. Gideon giggles and laughs over and over again. He loves water and bath time.

Please pray that Gideon will sleep well and that he does not have malaria. We may start treating him even if the test result is negative. Pray that we will make the best decision.

The Bible school at Bongor was rescheduled again. The pastor called this morning and said that his brother died this morning. "Could we postpone the school another week?" he asked. The devil is hard at work. He knows the importance of this training and is doing his best to disrupt it. Please pray that we will be able to give this training and that many people will decide to get ready for Jesus to come and to help others do the same. We plan to postpone Bongor for now and turn toward Pala and/or Broum Tousu next, then to Bongor in mid-late April.

Three churches will be erected (Lord-willing) near Bongor this coming week.

The Bendele church library is scheduled to open next week! There will be a radio announcement. This is an exciting project we have been working toward off and on for a couple of years now.

Looking at current events, even in the news recently this month, I cannot see how this world will last much longer. Prophecy is clearly being fulfilled, as accurately as ever before. We have it all spelled out for us in Scripture and in books like The Great Controversy. Earth's history is soon to close. We do not know when. God knows that. But we can know that it is going to be soon. Be watchful and ready!

In His service,
Jonathan and Melody Dietrich