Update on Melody

2013 April 15

Dear newsletter family,

Many of you are wondering how Melody is doing. In brief, she is doing somewhat better now. We praise God for that!

Our last email was from the Washington DC airport. Because we left Chad in a hurry, we did not know exactly what our plan would be when we arrived at our final destination in the States. But God provided for us and showed us that He cares for us.

Even in Washington DC, some friends volunteered to be on standby to pick us up at the airport and take us to a hospital if we needed it. But Melody did OK on the airplane and had an extra seat she could lie down on. After a 9-hour layover there, we decided to continue the last leg of our journey.

When we arrived in Minneapolis, we were happy to see Melody's parents at the airport. We learned that a complete stranger had heard about our situation via an email announcement and had emailed my mom who then emailed Melody's dad. This family invited us to stay at their house for the weekend. It was a relaxing place for Melody to rest. Our host was a pre-term labor and delivery specialist and was able to give us some good initial advice.

Then came three days of doctors appointments. The diagnosis of Dr. Danae in Chad was confirmed. We are very thankful that we made the decision to return to the States when we did according to her advise. For now, Melody's contractions are less intense. She is lying down most of the time, but thankfully can get up and around a little bit. Baby seems to be in good health. Please continue praying for her and our baby as there are still concerns of her going into labor early.

Please also pray for those we left behind in Chad. My brother Joshua has been filling my place when we left. I believe he is doing a good job, but it is a time of rapid growth and learning for him. Please pray for him to have good decision making capabilities and that he will continue trusting in God for his help. If you would like to receive his newsletters and continue following the progress of work there until May, just send an email to:

Nadege has also finally arrived from Congo. She faced many difficulties getting the proper paperwork to enter the country, but God triumphed and she was allowed to enter. She is teaching classes and helping a lot. Please pray that she will have skill and wisdom in teaching.

Please pray for our dear students as they continue to grow. Pray that they will become converted and will leave this class under the influence of the Holy Spirit.

New pictures and videos have been uploaded onto our website!

Some of you have not heard about the book I have written on why we are missionaries. Some of you may know someone who does not understand why we take certain risks and live in a place that is considered more dangerous. Please consider reading this book. What little profit we make on the book gets invested back into AAM missionary projects. Here is a link to the paperback version: https://www.createspace.com/4119897 (The book is also available in paperback at Amazon.com. I just made an ebook available for Kindle, as well. It should be visible within 24 hours.)

In His service,
Jonathan and Melody Dietrich