Layman Training Center

2013 March 13

Dear newsletter family,

Our team here has been very busy. Here is a brief update so you what to be praying for.

Two weeks ago, we put on a three-day training course for how to build one-day churches. We invited several Chadians from different villages. The most difficult part for them to learn was how to lay out a squared foundation. But they seemed to do well.

So Joshua (my brother who is here visiting us) went out with our newly trained team to see how they do. Their goal is to build three churches this week. Unfortunately, the tin we reserved was sold behind our backs so they are putting up churches without tin. They'll have to go back to put the tin on. So far there are two new churches standing, and they are almost ready to start the foundation for the third. Pray for their efficiency and safety.

Meanwhile, here in Bere, Melody and I have been preparing for and organizing our two-month training program for lay members. We are excited about this. Some of the same students who attended our one-week training in Kelo and Moundou are coming to get deeper training. This is an immense project for the number of staff that we have, but we are moving forward as God gives us the wisdom and strength. Gary has been helpful with logistics and some phone calls. Nadege, a friend of ours who is currently in Congo, will be joining us for about six weeks to assist.

This training will cover how to be a Christian, how to study the Bible, how to witness, and how to prepare and give Bible studies. It will also include teaching on health, Bible prophecy, leadership, and family management.

Please join us in prayer that the Holy Spirit will be poured out on us and on the students. We are praying for a revival in Chad. The church here seems to be as dry and dead as the desert it lives in, but God can perform miracles and make dry bones live! Please pray that the devil will be beat back and that God's work will triumph. Satan wants to attack us with complications, illness, discouragement, and other weapons. But God is stronger.

In mid-May, a mere few days after the school ends, we hope to hop on a plane to America for the first time in two and a half years!

Thank you for remembering us and the people of Chad in your prayers.

In His service,
Jonathan and Melody Dietrich