Moundou Survey Training

2013 February 14

Dear newsletter family,

We would like to send out another small update for those of you who are praying and following the developments of the Bible school here.

Our second survey training in Moundou went well. Thank you everyone who was praying that God's will would be done. We were almost forced to cancel, but things worked out so that we could go and do the training.

Then there were some police issues and they wanted to send us away, but God worked that out. There is a new regulation in Moundou that none of us knew about. When I asked for a copy of the regulation to share with others so they could understand, I was told that this was a military secret and giving out copies of the regulation would be a security hazard. Don't ask me how I am supposed to abide by a regulation I can't see to read. Anyway, we are now informed and will not return to Moundou without this paperwork. We are thankful that the police were reasonable.

Four churches and one group sent representatives to this training. We had 15-20 regular students. The Adventist pastor was supportive of the training and helped with translation. Melody and Joshua also helped a lot with presentations. The students were very eager and hungry for God's word.

Every student wrote down their personal plan for how they were going to apply their knowledge back in their villages. Then five of them shared their plan publicly with the other students. At the end, the pastor prayed a prayer of consecration.

One old man said, "Since I joined the church in the 1970's, nobody has ever taught us these things. We are told to read and study our Bibles, but nobody has showed us how. Now you have come and have helped us."

Others said, "This course is good, but it is way too short. We need more. Can you come to our village and teach those who could not travel here?"

We received other comments similar to this. We thank God that He is blessing our work and pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to work on the hearts of the people. We are so thankful for the clear guidance we find in Scriptures and in the book _Evangelism_.

The mission administration is visiting Bere this week and we have had a good discussion about how best to continue our training sessions.

Please pray for us as we continue to prepare for the upcoming two-month session, probably starting around March 17. Pray also for the students who will be coming, that their hearts will be changed. Pray that God will provide some people who will be committed to the work and who can continue as we are on furlough.

Thank you for your prayers and short email notes.

In His service,
Jonathan and Melody Dietrich