Back in Chad

2013 January 29

Dear family and friends,

Happy New Year!

We have been back in Chad (from our trip to Congo) for two and a half weeks now. We just finished our first 8-day training session at Kelo, a town about 45km west of here.

We traveled by motorbike and arrived there Friday afternoon. The last time we traveled that road was on our way out to Congo. We and the motorbikes had to get into a canoe for quite a ways because of the flooding. Now, what a contrast! Dry poofy dust everywhere.

We stayed in an extra room at the pastor's compound. There was a nice smooth cement floor, one window, one latchless door, and very high roof. The floor was kind of hard to sleep on, but we survived. Our shower was a pile of brick fragments surrounded by a thin sheet draped over the tree branches for "privacy." Later on in the week, they brought in another grass fencing section. The squat toilet hole was only partially surrounded by a grass fence. But the grass fence was newly installed, I am sure for us honored guests. A Chadian lady helped us with some of our cooking for the week.

At the church in Kelo, we presented topics on the Word of God, Personal Evangelism, Health, and Life and Character of Jesus. We taught them the inspiration of Scriptures, how to study Scripture, how to give Bible studies, and the cycle of evangelism. We also taught heath topics on water, food, malaria, and others and showed the connection between physical and spiritual health.

The Holy Spirit was definitely present and working. We did not know how many people to expect, but we thought maybe 25 or 30 would come. Close to 60 people came every night, sometimes more and sometimes less. They were interested and focused most of the week and many made commitments to become active in personal evangelism. We praise God for the work He is doing in Kelo. Many people are interested in attending our Bible school, which should be starting mid-March. Two people who came from over 200km away want to come with a third friend.

Please be praying for our next training and recruiting weeks in Moundu and Ndjamena. The devil is not happy and is already trying to block progress of God's work. But we can expect that whenever and wherever God's work goes forward. Please pray for God's will to be done and for Satan's roadblocks to be removed, even in the next couple of days. Prayer works. God likes to answer prayer. Please pray!

In His service,
Jonathan and Melody Dietrich