Planning in Congo

2012 December 4

Dear friends, family, and prayer partners,

Greetings from Democratic Republic of Congo! The school session here at Congo Frontline Missions ( is just finishing next week and the students will go home to begin work in their various villages. Being here has been encouraging and energizing, and Melody and I are looking forward to returning to Chad next year.

Over the next few weeks, you may want to check our blog for bits of news and information. Our website has also been updated.

Thank you for your prayers. Having time away from the hectic responsibilities of the project in Chad was a wise choice. I have had much time to think and learn and pray and study that I would not have had in Chad. Now, our vision and focus is much more clear. We'll share a short summary here.

Originally, the plan was to build a Bible school campus on donated land. But that land was swampy enough to plant rice in parts of it this rainy season, so we have put that on temporary hold. Also, we have not received any filled-out applications from the invitations we sent to all the Adventist churches in Chad. Now the plan is to operate some short mobile sessions in three villages. These training sessions will last eight days at each site and will have the following goals:
* To encourage revival and reformation
* To do research for the longer school session
* To recruit students

Preparations for these events are now in progress. We'll only have one week from when we return to Chad until the first session starts. The last session finishes toward the end of February.

The results from these three sessions will help solidify the plans for the longer school session. We'll be covering topics such as God's Word, Personal Evangelism, Public Evangelism, Sanctuary, Health, and more.

Please pray for God's work to multiply quickly. We do not know how much time we have remaining on this earth. We do not know how long the fragile peace will continue, especially in these African countries. Here in DRC, the M23 rebels have been active in the East, taking over the city of Goma and several others. They were threatening to continue their march to Kisangani (where we are currently) and then to Kinshasa. Students rioted in Kisangani and burned a government building and several vehicles and trashed a part of town. Several died when police opened fire. We could hear the fighting and see the smoke from campus. We are ready to leave if needed, but for now things have settled down.

This has inspired us to focus even more on evangelism. We must work quickly while we are able. For now, Chad is relatively peaceful. Now is the time to work quickly because the situation could change any day. God is holding peace for us. Are we going to do the work He is calling us to do?

God is faithful and gives us what we need. Our vision for the work in Chad is large, but there is no way we can do it by ourselves. God needs dedicated people who are willing to go wherever He calls them. There are places just waiting to be filled, not just in Chad, but in South Sudan and in other places. We believe that He will send us the volunteers we need.

The nutrition center is also in great need of volunteers. We are looking for somebody with medical skills such as a nurse or nutritionist. If you do not have those skills but are willing to learn some basic things, we need you anyway!

We are praying sincerely for more volunteers to increase the efficiency of our team. We need nurses, a nutritionist, Bible teachers, builders, an accountant, pilots, and other help. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any interest or know of somebody who might be interested in coming. Our email address is: africaaviationministry[at]gmail[dot]com

How are you investing in eternity in your life? Are you busy investing in earthly things that will crumble and burn, or are you investing in things of eternal interest? Will the results of your work last? If not, it may be time to consider a change in occupation. Ask God what He would have you do.

Have a happy holiday season. Remember what wonderful gifts God has given us.

In His service,
Jonathan and Melody Dietrich