2012 October 10

Greetings, family and friends.

We have had a number of requests to write another newsletter, and we finally are taking the time to give you a short update.

We are grateful that most of the major construction is done for now. There is plenty more to do, but it will require less supervision to finish.

The hanger is usable now, with roof and walls finished. Having a hanger for loading and unloading the airplane and doing maintenance during the rains this year has been a big blessing.

Gary and I have been very busy flying recently. Gary has done some medical evacuations, one even to Cameroon. He also did some air drops of food, tarps, and other supplies to flood victims. Unfortunately, I was ill with malaria during that time and did not get to participate. I have flown several trips with a doctor to various places, a baby for surgery, several missionaries coming or going, and a some flights for supplies. Our airplane is operating smoothly.

The rains have been extra long and heavy this season causing extensive flooding. Thousands of people have been displaced. Many crops even within a few kilometers of our home have rotted from being under water for a month or more. Nobody alive has seen flooding this bad before here. Thankfully, our base is elevated a bit; the flooding didn't come closer than a few kilometers.

The nutrition center has been operational for some time as well. The three buildings are functional and the security wall is being built. For a while, they were operating with inpatients. But for now, due to limited staff (currently one), it is operating with outpatients only.

As you can see, with the heavy construction load tapering off, our team has shifted focus to more flying, nutrition center, and other work.

One other focus now is the Bible school. Our team has had several meetings to discuss and plan the school. As Melody and I began thinking and planning more for the school, we realized more what a large responsibility we agreed to. Constant demands have kept us busy much of the time in Chad. So we decided to travel to Congo Frontline Missions (CFM) near Kisingani, DRC to learn from them and to study how they run their very successful school. They currently have 52 church planters and will be training some of them for a two-month training course starting this month. We hope to return to Chad with enough knowledge to organize at least a one-month or two-month course.

Please pray for our time here, that we will be able learn what we need to learn to bring a successful Bible training school to Chad. Chad is in desperate need of Bible workers and teachers.

Please pray for the other needs of the project. The nutrition center needs several staff badly, also. We need teachers for the Bible school. We need more construction people.

Thank you for your continued support of this project. We have just received some donations of French concordances and Conflict of the Ages series in French, along with some Bible studies and other material. We are eager to begin teaching students how to use this material.

Our guard wants to be baptized. He has devoured the Desire of Ages and The Great Controversy. Now he is working through a series of Bible studies. Please pray for him to become closer to Jesus.

In His service,
Jonathan and Melody