2012 March 21

Our Cessna 172 has been working hard. We've been treating the engine as best we know how. The plane was booked full of flights for the next three weeks, some of them even international flights. But now the engine oil temperature sensor is telling us some bad news: oil temperatures are running abnormally high. The oil filter is also telling us bad news: it has caught a small pile of magnetic metal shavings. Metal shavings tell us that something is being slowly chewed to shreds in the engine. Gary suspects it is a spun bearing.

Now we are grounded. We do not know the final solution, but it will eventually involve shipping this engine back to the States and ordering a newly rebuilt one to install here.

What is God's plan in this? Why did this have to happen just at the point where we are beginning to depend more heavily on the airplane? When will we be flying again - in four months? in six months? next year? God knows. And He cares.

We choose to continue work with what resources we have. Please pray for the ministry here as we face this challenge and continue seeking God's wisdom for the unknown future. The devil is attempting to discourage us, but we choose not to become discouraged. "I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus." Philippians 3:14