Bible school

2012 March 16

We decided to send this separate email out to emphasize the work that is happening with our Bible school. Plans are still in development, to some extent, but here is a summary.

As soon as the land papers are finalized, we hope to start construction of the Bible school near the village of Mibigue. That's about two hours from here. Lord willing, we hope to open the first class this July. Some of the graduates will become candidates for the nursing school which will prepare staff for the hospital. Other graduates will become Bible workers for our project.

We are planning on keeping the first phase of the construction minimal, and then utilizing student resources to build more housing and classrooms during the school-year as part of their work/study program.

We see two major needs for this project. Our current staff are already stretched thin sometimes, so our first immediate need is more volunteers. Yet for some reason, very few people even consider following God's call to Chad or other third-world difficult places. Yet, we believe that a Bible school is perhaps Chad's greatest need, because it will train and prepare people who will lead others to know Jesus. We foreigners can do some good, but a local who understands the language and culture fluently will often be most effective.

We need at least one volunteer, but preferably one or two couples to help teach and lead out classes in a variety of topics such as Bible study, health, agriculture, cooking, etc. We need another person to oversee the construction, and another with some agriculture knowledge to start the agriculture work/study program.

Our second need is financing. We have enough to start the first few buildings, but will need some funding to support the families of students who come to the school. The exact structure of the curriculum is flexible, but the class will probably be around nine months long.

Perhaps you would even consider a nine-month mission trip to Chad to help with the Bible school. God knows His plan for you, so I'll be praying that you will be open to His voice to know where your place is. Perhaps it is here in Chad. Perhaps it is in another country. Perhaps it is in your neighborhood. But please listen to God's voice. I believe He is calling some people to come, and I'm hoping they will listen!

God is faithful. We believe that God wants this school to happen, and that is why we are moving forward with what we have, even though we do not know all the answers. Thank you for your prayers.

In His service,
Jonathan and Melody