Adam Died

2012 January 13

Below are some thoughts I wrote here and there on this sad day...

December 31, 2011
Sabbath morning Jonathan and I wake up. Today we are planning on doing a branch Sabbath school, in the afternoon, near the big bridge toward Kelo. We are just starting to prepare to get breakfast on the table when we hear two of our phones beep one after the other. Jonathan picks up the phone and a number of seconds later reads tragic news to me out loud, "Adam died. Wake everybody up to pray for them." Sent by Dr. Olan at 7:24 am. "What, oh no! Adam, that s Dr. James son!" We are almost sure this text is referring to Dr. James son although there is another white person by that name that works at the hospital or in Moudou. It must be James and Sarah s baby though because Jonathan and I heard a couple of days ago during prayer meeting from Matthew that Dr. James son had a fever and we should pray for him. I am totally shocked and sad. After all they have gone through how can this be? They lost their first baby in pregnancy at 20 weeks. Now they had two beautiful twins. A baby boy and a baby girl. They are 6 months old. Now, Adam is dead. Oh, what they must be going through! I can t help but think also, "What if it was my husband and I who just lost our baby." Fear fills my heart. Should we even have kids here someday? Is it worth the risk? Jonathan and I are committed to living wherever God s leads no matter what. That is one thing we know for sure.

Jonathan and I stop and pray for them with Darren and Joanne who just stopped by to get a motorbike to go to church with. Before breakfast we stop again to pray. It is so sad.

Our phone beeps again. Dr. Olan asks Jonathan if he can say a few words at the funeral. Another message from Dr. Olan: "Our home is open to food, Scripture and tears all day long. Come bring your instruments."

Right now Jonathan is preparing what he will say at the funeral. He called Dr. Olan who told him that Dr. James would like it if Jonathan could speak from 2 Thessalonians 4:13.

In about 1/2 hour we will be going up to the hospital and participate in the funeral and eat a meal with everyone. My heart is heavy. Why did this happen? God knows what is best and I must trust in Him. He loves us so much and cares about our griefs. He doesn t like death but sometimes he allows it to happen because He knows what is best.

As we arrive at the hospital we see lots of locals sitting under the mango trees close to the Parker s house. They are singing and talking quietly. After dropping off our food at Dr. Olan s house we go the the Parkers to see what is going on. Tammy comes and greets us right away and gives me a big hug. Tears fill my eyes and it is hard to talk. Something about her caring hug made my tears come out.

Tammy told us the story as best she knew it. On Thursday evening they tested Adam for malaria with a quick test but it turned out negative. Dr. James wasn t convinced so they decided to come to Bere hospital on Friday to get them checked in that lab. They had been in Ndjemana. They tested Adam and Miriam and they were both positive for malaria but Adam had more malaria in his blood then Miriam. They put them both on IV quinine. During the night Adam got much better apparently. His fever went down and he was acting more himself. But then in the morning after Dr. James had changed his IV bag and put some more quinine in, Adam started to seizure. From there on out they were just trying to save his life.

At around 320pm Sabbath afternoon the funeral started. Jonathan spoke a very encouraging short message about Jesus coming back and waking up Adam and all our loved ones that have died. He said, "I hope that we all will be there (in heaven)." During the funeral I played several songs on the guitar along with several white people who were playing guitar too. We just played softly and sang hymns. Josie, Joanne, and I also did a special song together, "Children of the Heavenly Father." I felt like crying many times during the funeral as I watched Sarah sway back and forth holding her precious and very loved but dead son. She leaned over many times touching her face to his, now, cold face. James sat next to her putting his arms around her shoulder. He too, looked very sad. I remember him putting his face close to his baby a few times too. Soon, their son would be laid in the grave never to be seen by them again until the resurrection. These were some of their last few minutes before their final goodbye. Oh, what love they had for their son!

After the talks and final songs we all (including the locals) walked over to James and Sarah s old house (Olan and Danae s house now) and waited there. Sarah and James were now saying their last goodbyes in the room they were staying in over the weekend. They were putting little Adam in the casket.

After a little while they came with the pathfinders carrying the casket. Some more songs were sung and some more words said and then they lowered the baby down into the grave. Little Adam was buried next to his sister who died in pregnancy. 2 of 3 of James and Sarah s children now lay to rest.

What a sad day but God understands. Soon He is coming back to take us home to live with Him where their will be no death. "And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away." Revelation 21:4

Please continue to pray for James and Sarah (Appel) during this hard time.

Melody Dietrich