The Cries of Beaten Children

2011 June 23

Dear friends and family,

As I wash dishes I hear a cry, no a wail, of a child. The wailing is continuous, filled with pain. I think, "Probably another child being beaten. I've heard this so many times. It's so terrible!" I look out the window towards the piercing, sad, sound. A young girl of about 10 years is walking this way, toward our property wall that is not finished yet; therefore I can see her clearly. She is crying loudly. Her wailing sound travels quickly through the cool morning air and fills our hut, and beyond. My heart is touched with sadness for her and others like her. Then I see a young lady come into view. She has a stick in her hand. The poor girl is limping and grabbing at her bare leg as she walks along. "Oh the poor girl," I think, "she must have been hit on her leg with that stick." The young girl is walking toward some men who are working on building our wall. "Maybe she is hoping for some protection or sympathy?" I wonder. One of the men, a big man wearing a red Santa Claus hat starts laughing loudly. So now there is loud crying and laugher ringing through the air. The lady with the stick starts with anger and earnest to tell the men something of which I can't understand. She looks mad. Her shoulders shake a little as she speaks. "She must be telling what this girl did wrong," I try to guess, but it's easy. By now the girl is over the short wall and somewhat close to one of the men. After a little bit the man closest to her takes her wrist and starts leading her back toward the mean, mad, lady and the wall. The girl walks slowly and I think, fearfully. About this time the lady starts to walk off. And the girl too, slowly starts to leave trying to choke up her tears but an occasional cry still bursts out. Meanwhile, the man wearing the red Santa hat continues to laugh off and on throughout this whole scene. As the girl walks off he is working but stops for a moment to claps his hands with delight and humor. His laugher pierces my heart.

This scene is probably, very sadly, only one of many which happens here in this village countless times. I have reason to believe this after living here for awhile. Personally, I have heard cries of children many times. Very rarely do I know what exactly is causing the cries but I often have a sinking feeling in my heart that it probably is just another child being beaten mercilessly, yet, again. Oh how can they do that! Unfortunately I think it is because this is the way the adults were treated by their parents when they were children and then those parents by those parents. And thus the sorrowful, abusing treatment continues generation after generation.

How can we help these people? By showing them Jesus and teaching them what He was like on earth and what He is still like today. They need to be taught an entirely different way: one which does not discipline out of anger but out of love; one that is not motivated by satanic fury but out of Christ-like love; one that, yes, does discipline, but with Biblical principles.

There is so much need here. How can we meet it all? We can't. We must have God's help to do what we can and then leave the rest in His hands to figure out. Perhaps He is calling you to come and help in this vast work, here, or in some other land? "Then He said to them, 'The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few; therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.'" Luke 10:2

Please continue to pray that God will help us to help others each day.

In His Service,
Melody and Jonathan Dietrich