Update From Chad

2010 December 27

Dear friends and family,

Happy Christmas and New Year from Chad, Africa!

As usual much has happened since the last newsletter and we have been eager to update you.

Jonathan and Melody are happily married as of November 7! We enjoyed most of our honeymoon in a secluded little cabin that was lent to us by one of our donors. After our honeymoon and an intense packing session, and problems with passports and tickets, we finally left the States on December 14. As we did not use regular Africa Aviation Ministry donations for living expenses, wedding, travel, etc. in the States, we are thrilled to have returned to Chad and to move the work forward with the resources that God blessed us with during that time.

When we arrived in Chad we moved right into Jonathan's hut (the same one that he was living in before) and have been busy unpacking and organizing our things. It was a nice surprise for us to find that Wendy and Josie had cleaned our hut, making moving in easier. They even painted the walls inside white.

Life is immediately busy as we join again the projects here. In addition to Gary and his family being here, another couple, Kel and Josie Burgoyne, have joined our project. Kel is an engineer and is already of great value. This means that the hanger and housing projects will begin more rapid progress and that Jonathan will likely focus his efforts more on other areas such as our One-Day-Church plan and our plans for the Bible research center.

Soon Jonathan will resume in-country flight training with Gary. Someday soon we hope to achieve our goal of starting mobile clinics. Melody (a Register Nurse) is looking forward to helping with these clinics and other things.

Our team as well as the new doctors at the hospital and a student missionary teacher enjoyed a Christmas dinner together this last Sunday. We hope all of you had a good Christmas and one cooler than ours. Temperatures here are in the mid-90s during the day and an average of 60s at night. This is the cold season.

Keep watch for further updates as we adjust back to life in Chad. Please pray for a strong and healthy team. May we all become more aware of the nearness of Jesus' soon return.

In His service,
Jonathan and Melody Dietrich