An Update From Chad

2010 February 17

Hello friends and family. It is time to catch up on the last two months or so since my last letter. Life has been busy, and definitely not boring. You should receive a couple other emails today containing other stories.

Gary and Wendy and Cherise arrived back in Chad toward the end of December. It was exciting to see them again and to catch up on some things. As they were unpacking and getting settled, I was packing and getting ready for my trip to the Congo (DRC). I had about a week together with them there in Chad before I left.

Gary flew with me and Melody to a game park in eastern Chad where we got to see many varieties of antelope as well as cape buffalo, janet cat, baboons, giraffe, crocodiles, elephant, and numerous birds. This was an amazing experience, and was quite a treat. From there we continued to Ndjamena, the capital of Chad.

I decided to travel to Congo with Melody, a nurse who has been volunteering at the Bere hospital since the end of September. She is headed to the Congo to work with Congo Frontline Missions (CFM) as a school teacher and nurse. I planned to help where needed and to learn about their evangelism program as well as one-day church construction.

We connected through Ethiopia to Kinshasa, DRC. I will never forget our experience in the Kinshasa airport. "Chaos" is perhaps the one word that most accurately describes the experience. Kinshasa is known for many things, most of which are not good. The next day we walked down the street to buy some things when we had an up-close and personal experience with two of those "not good" things which Kinshasa is known for. To hear more about that experience, please read the email entitled "The Stolen Dollar." Eventually we made it to Kisangani and some friendly faces.

My time at CFM was profitable and enjoyable. Some of my time was spent becoming familiar with raising one-day church structures. These are structures that can be shipped in a container and raised quite rapidly on location. Since our project in Chad has some of these churches and since I will likely be involved in building them, I was happy to gain this experience and knowledge. For another story, please read the email entitled "Bonked by a Big Bamboo."

CFM also has a successful evangelism training program. Currently CFM has 31 church planters working hard out in the jungle. While I was there in Congo, CFM held one week of training and encouragement seminars for the church planters. I had the blessing of presenting one of the morning worships. They also were a blessing to me as I heard their amazing stories from the front lines. I left CFM with some materials and with a renewed and refreshed vision for our Bible school in Chad.

Another piece of notable news is that Melody and I began officially courting in the Congo! We ask that you will pray for us, that we will continue seeking and following God's plan for our lives.

While I was gone, Gary did some maintenance on the airplane. One exciting thing he did was to install some larger tires to help us with some of the rougher airstrips in Chad. Now we are doing more flying again.

My visit to the Congo is finished now and I have now returned to Chad. Please also keep Gary and his family and me in your prayers. Your prayers are an important part of this ministry as we continue moving forward against various challenges.

In His service,