Commercial Training Completed

2009 March 25

Hello friends and family. Many of you have been asking questions about my plans, and I will try to answer the ones I know answers to here briefly.

I now have my commercial pilot's license, and I thank the Lord for enabling me to complete that. (Commercial does not mean I will be flying for Delta; at this point, it basically means I received further training and experience which will be valuable to me in the future). We had a small delay for mechanical reasons, and a few delays for weather, but progress was steady while I was in Michigan. One of the big blessings I experienced up there was the willingness of several people to help me accomplish this quickly. Those two weeks I spent in Michigan were very profitable, and I feel like I gained some important knowledge and experience. Some friends allowed me to stay in their house and provided meals. Basically, I did not expect to finish the program while I was up there, but the Lord worked everything out wonderfully. I also got to visit my church family and friends in Lowell, where I spent my year at A&P school.

Now, I am trying to get the training airplane back in the air in Collegedale, TN. The new engine mount arrived at the airport the day after I returned from Michigan. This is yet another time where I enjoy the Lord's timing. The airplane should be flying within a day or two.

I thank God for bringing me this far, and for His provision for the completion of this portion of my flight training. I do not know His schedule, but unless something else major comes up, I will soon be finishing some final preparations for my move to Chad. This includes spending some time with my parents, getting rid of stuff I do not need and do not want to store, and purchasing the last few things on my packing lists. I have not purchased tickets yet, but will soon.

As always, I appreciate the faithful prayers, support, and emails.

In His service,
Jonathan Dietrich