How to Volunteer


This organization is an organization of volunteers. While we welcome short-term help, our biggest need is dedicated people who are committed to obedience to the Great Commission. If you think the Lord is calling you to work in Chad, please do not hesitate to email us any questions you might have. Our email address is volunteer[at]deserttreeministry[dot]org.


Application form

If you are interested in coming to Chad, please download this application, fill it out, save it, and email it to us: volunteer[at]deserttreeministry[dot]org.

Available Positions

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Audio Manager

Bible Teacher

Publishing Director

Other Positions

Position available: Audio Manager (part-time or full-time)
Term length: 9 months (flexible longer or shorter)
Location: onsite, Bere, Chad, Africa
Timeframe: immediately
Language skills: French recommended, but not necessary
  • Know how to operate a computer
  • A basic understanding of audio production

Work description: Use simple audio recording equipment to record French-speaking individuals reading a variety of Bible stories and tracts. The goal is to produce audio mp3s to distribute on solar mp3 players, cell phones, and eventually radio broadcast.
Specific activities:
  • Record people reading or preaching in a recording studio.
    • 156 Bible story lessons in French by My Bible First!
    • Steps to Christ in French by Ellen White
    • Various tracts and sermons
  • Mix and edit audio on a computer using software.
  • Organize a system to load mp3s onto memory cards for use in cell phones.


Position available: Bible Teacher (full-time)
Term length: (two terms available)
  • 2 months
  • 2 years

Location: onsite, Bere, Chad, Africa
Timeframe: major training near the end of each year, shorter trainings at other times
Language skills: mostly fluent in French
  • Seventh-day Adventist
  • Thorough knowledge of the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy
  • Read the book Evangelism
  • Can teach in the French language

Work description: Teach a variety of Bible topics to classes of 15-30 students. Each course usually constitutes 10-20 hours of lecture/discussion time and must be Christ-centered. Teaching load is usually up to four hours a day, sometimes more, but usually less. For some courses, the curriculum is already prepared and you just have to adapt it to your style of teaching. For other courses, we need help developing and refining the curriculum.
Specific activities:
  • Teach
  • Develop curriculum


Position available: Publishing
Term length: long-term
Location: onsite, Bere, Chad, Africa
Timeframe: now
Language skills: French
  • Understand the Adventist publishing work
  • Have a passion for spreading published truth
  • Understand layout and design software

Work description: Organize printing and distribution of a variety of tracts, booklets, curriculum materials, handout sheets, and other documents. Work towards establishing a publishing house in Chad.
Specific activities:
  • Oversee translation work
  • Layout and design tracts and booklets
  • Manage local printing of literature
  • Outsource printing and shipping of larger orders

Other Positions

Accounting Record all income and expenses for the project using accounting software. Prepare periodic financial reports.
  • Basic training and some accounting experience
Legal advice Keep an eye out for our organization to help us stay legal and out of trouble.
  • Knowledge of laws and regulations (States-side and in Chad)
Construction Help with and oversee the design and construction of simple buildings that are locally maintainable.
  • Construction experience (concrete, welding, tin, etc)
Agriculture Teach people how to increase crop yield, how to care for the soil, how to fight pests, and how to use water economically. Study which crops might be best financially and work toward starting an agriculture industry or business.
  • An understanding of agriculture techniques
  • A mindset of research and problem-solving
Health mentor. Educate people on basic health principles such as hygiene, water, nutrition. Teach disease prevention in addition to simple treatments. Learn and apply effective natural remedies available in Chad.
  • Thorough understanding of the health message


Here are several documents that you will need and some others that should be helpful to you if you are considering joining our team.

Application Application to work at our project

Staff Handbook Standards of conduct for our volunteers.

Emergency Contact Form Emergency contact form.