How to Donate


If you would like to help with a donation by check or money order, make it

Payable to: Outpost Centers International

For: OCI's work at Desert Tree Ministry

and send it to the following address:

Outpost Centers International
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Or, you may donate online through Outpost Centers International. Remember to mark your donation online "OCI's work at Desert Tree Ministry" Thank you!

Desert Tree Ministry operates on donations. 98.5% of each donation is applied to the needs of the project. The remaining 1.5% goes to our parent organization, Outpost Centers International, to help with their worldwide work. There are always ongoing needs such as food, clothing, motorcycle fuel, phone credit, and other operating expenses. Please prayerfully consider committing to giving a regular amount every month to help cover these expenses. There are also larger special projects. If you would like to help with these, please see below for the status of these items. If we received more than enough for a certain project, we will re-assign those finances to the next biggest need.

Projects Needing Funds

(Updated December 19, 2017)

15kva diesel generator

$5,000 of $12,000

We need a reliable generator to replace the Chinese 5kva one we are currently using. This will be sufficient to run several printers along with the air conditioning unit.

Translation Work

$0 of $3,000

Requests for literature in the local languages have steadily increased. This fund is to help encourage the translators, editors, and typists in the work of writing and translating various tracts and booklets into local languages. We also plan to purchase one or two laptops (with French keyboard) dedicated to this work.

Bulk cheap paper

$0,000 of $20,000

Paper is our main expense. We are hoping to start a fund for cheaper paper. Paper in the country costs about $75 or $80 per box of 5 reams (of white A3 paper, similar in size to 11"x17"). If we can make a large enough paper order to order directly from a paper factory and ship a container of paper to Chad, our printing cost will significantly reduce and we will be able to print a lot more materials. After a lot of research, I still do not know an exact price, but we are estimating now around $15,000 to $20,000 to import a 20' container of paper. This is based on paper quotes from Malayasia, Indonesia, or South Africa. If we go with European paper, the price will be more, but better quality, and we may be able to buy a smaller quantity than a container full.

Mini-Libraries for Pastors and Bible Workers

$5,000 of $25,000

This fund will be used to purchase a small library complementary to the "Connecting with Jesus" set from South Korea for each pastor and Bible worker within the Central African Union Mission. Proposed titles to purchase from the publishing house in France include: a Concordance; Evangelism; Gospel Workers; Last Day Events; Counsels on Stewardship; Counsels to the Church; Counsels on Sabbath School Work; Adventist Home; Child Guidance; Education; Counsels to Teachers, Parents, and Students.

Bible Worker fund 2018

$0 of $5,000

We will use this in support of Bible workers who are actively working and whose hearts are in the work. This may include helping with medical needs, tools, food, or clothing as needed.

300 French Bibles

$0,000 of $2,400

French Bibles are hard to get locally, but are available for about $8 each at the Bible Alliance in Ndjamena. We would like to be able to supply Bibles to newly baptized members, as well as to encourage others to study.

Worthy Student Fund #1

$800 of $7,500

Chad is in desparate need of pastors. There are only about 12 Adventist pastors in the entire country! Help send one of our Bible school students to get a four-year theology degree at the Adventist university in Cameroon. Upon completion of his degree, the student agrees to work for the Adventist church for a minimum of five years in exchange for us covering his tuition.

Completed Projects!

Bible worker support 2017

$2,500! Completed! Thank you!

This fund is to help and encourage volunteers who are active in Bible work.

A second black-and-white printer

$4,000! Completed! Thank you!

This redundant machine will allow us to continue printing when one machine breaks down, and will double our production speed when both work properly.

Paper stack cutter

$2,000! Completed! Thank you!

This cutter can cut through a ream of paper at a time, and will help us to be more accurate in our cuts.

Korea Literature container

project postponed (funds diverted to other literature projects)

This 20-foot shipping container from South Korea will probably contain about 24,000 The Great Controversy, 24,000 Steps to Christ, and about 5,000 10-book Spirit of Prophecy libraries ("Connecting with Jesus"). We have decided to put this project on hold for now while we focus on developing our own printing operation in Chad.

Printing Equipment

$25,000! Thank you!

We enlarged our printing operation to accomodate the increasing requests for literature. We were able to purchase a color laser printer, a black and white laser printer, as well as a paper cutter, paper creaser, and glue binding machine. These were shipped in three pallets and arrived safely in Chad, by God's grace.

Lightbearers Literature Container

$35,000! Thank you!

The container arrived in Douala, Cameroon, and we were able to divide the contents among four countries and arrange shipping for each! This container brought thousands of Bible studies, tracts, books, and booklets for use throughout the Central African Union Mission. Each country was very grateful to receive the literature.


$600! Thank you!

We purchased a Canon Rebel T5 with an extra zoom lens to help us document our work and to help you and other see the work here. Watch the website for some updated pictures soon!

Bible worker fund 2016

$5,000! Thank you!

We were able to support a Bible worker to work in a village where there is only one other Adventist. The Bible worker is establishing a school. In addition to this, we were able to help numerous other workers with smaller needs throughout the year.

20 Bicycles for Bible workers

$2600! Thank you!

Many students walk wherever they go. If they could have a bicycle, they could significantly expand the range of their work in other villages in their region. We have supplied ten Bible workers with bicycles already and they are very grateful for this help.

Deep Well

$8,000! Thank you!

We are happy to have received funding for a clean water source. Due to an unexpected delay involving a land-rights issue, we have decided to postpone the drilling of the well. We hope to proceed with this project in the near future!

100 Solar MP3 Players

$3,000! Thank you!

These players run on a small battery which can be charged with a built-in solar panel. The 4Gb memory can hold many hours of audio including the New Testament. Check out the Envoy S model on if you want more information. We currently distribute the players with the New Testament in the local language but plan to add other material as it is produced.


$40,000! Thank you!

12,000 books (Steps to Christ, Teach us to Pray, Answers of God to Questions of Man, Christian Service, Education, and others) have arrived and are being distributed! Also, 20,000 Great Controversy books have been delivered to Chad and are being distributed!

Plowing Kit

Completed! Thank you!

We were able to purchase a pair of bulls with a plowing kit for one of our Bible workers. He is the director of the group at Broum Tousou.

450 French Bibles

Completed! Thank you!

One of the most common requests we get while we do mobile training is for French Bibles. We can purchase Bibles at $8 each and then make them available to Bible students for free or a subsidized rate. God blessed us with the opportunity to get a limited quantity (200) Bibles for the price of $3.

Hand-pedal Tricycle for Handicap

Completed! Thank you!

Frederick has been lame since birth. We recently sent him to be seen by a visiting French doctor who specializes in these types of things. He said that Frederick's condition is inoperable. Frederick can shuffle around on crutches, but it is quite a struggle for him. We recently had some new crutches made that fit him better. Now he will have a hand-pedal tricycle to enable him to go to school and move around more.

100 solar mp3 players

Completed! Thank you!

These players run on a small battery which can be charged with a built-in solar panel. The 4Gb memory can hold many hours of audio. Check out the Envoy S model on if you want more information. We currently distribute the players with the New Testament in the local language but plan to add other material as it is produced. The devices can also be used to encourage regular communication by placing only a few mp3 files on the device at a time. The user has to come back to get the next part of the story, and we have an opportunity to hear their questions and judge their learning progress.

4WD Truck

Completed! Thank you!

Until now we have been traveling on public transport or by motorcycle. The truck arrived! We thank God for this large blessing. This will add to our safety and comfort, especially now that we have a baby. The truck will serve useful for traveling to various training sites and for transporting people and materials.

Laboratory microscope

Donated! Thank you!

A laboratory microscope so that we can do our own malaria smears.

Field recording equipment

Completed! Thank you!

A good-quality field recorder to be used in recording Bible stories and studies for our audio distribution project.